Medical Affiliations

Hospital - cardiology in Brick, NJ
Doctor's Alpert, Zales, Castro,Umali-Pamintuan, and Chin as specialists in Pediatric Cardiology are actively involved with the world renowned Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The group is also affiliated with the Meridian-Hackensack Healthcare system.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center
K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital
Ocean Medical Center
Riverview Medical Center.


Abnormal Heart Rates
Abnormal heart rates are often seen by the Pediatric Cardiologist. For more information click here. /health/heart-encyclopedia/ signs/palpitation.htm
Syncope and Dizziness
Syncope (passing out) and dizziness is yet another reason to see the Pediatric Cardiologist. To read more about this topic click below. /health/heart-encyclopedia/ signs/fainting.htm
Heart Murmurs
A frequent reason to visit a Pediatric Cardiologist is because the Pediatrician has found a heart murmur. This dreaded term often strikes fear into the parents while the child turns out subsequently to be perfectly well. To learn more about heart murmurs click below. /health/heart-encyclopedia/ signs/murmurs.htm
Chest Pain
Another frequent reason to visit a Pediatric Cardiologist is when the child or adolescent complains of chest pain. While this may be an important issue in adults the findings in children are usually benign. To find out more about chest pain in children click below. /health/heart-encyclopedia/ signs/chest.htm
Congestive Heart Failure
For those wishing to read more about congestive heart failure click the hyperlink. /health/heart-encyclopedia/ signs/chf.htm
Congenital Heart Defects
For those wishing to learn more about congenital heart defects please click the hyperlink. /health/heart-encyclopedia /anomalies/